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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

— Arthur C. Clark

Trilogy Overview

Immerse yourself in the captivating BioDigital Trilogy, a thrilling journey through time, digital space, and multiple realities. Set against a backdrop of post-apocalyptic landscapes and futuristic technology, this trilogy follows a cast of unforgettable characters as they navigate treacherous terrain, confront powerful enemies, and unravel the mysteries of their own existence. As the protagonists confront potent forces bent on their destruction, they must also grapple with the implications of their own actions and the fate of billions. The BioDigital Trilogy is a thought-provoking exploration of what it means to be human in an increasingly digital world and a testament to the power of hope in the face of adversity. Join author Bart Niedner as he masterfully weaves together three gripping novels, each exploring the depths of human resilience, the fragility of our digital creations, and the serendipitous chaos driving our future. The BioDigital Trilogy is a must-read for fans of thought-provoking science fiction with a heart.

Narrative Overviews

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Why write a Novel?

“I am a 'curious creative.' I have made a living using my imagination and technical skills to create original manifestations of many things: artwork, architecture, software, graduate-level curriculum, and even a local government. My motivation is not to be listed next to Zaha Hadid or Nelson Mandela in the history books. My neurosis is much simpler - I selfishly enjoy the creative act. I hunger for the back-and-forth of making - the dialogue between the emerging unknown and the pursuit of some outcome. I love how the chaos of possibilities speaks to what it wants to become - how it changes my original intent and how it changes me. The creative act is the most intimate experience I have known. And it is the most meaningful.

“Each time I have broadened my media, the value of my experience has folded: dreamily losing myself in an acrylic monoprint; celebrating architecture through a deconstructionist detail; mitigating an unseen business risk with the magic of agile software methodologies; creating and inspiring a coalition of diverse organizations to focus extraordinary resources benefiting tens of thousands of souls. I enjoy the fray - the grit of the creative struggle. I am drawn to the brilliant light of its energy.

“With the BioDigital Novels project, I am burying my creative fingers into the chaos by making a book. The motive is solipsistic. It is about my pleasure from the act. I aspire to do it well. But I still need to become an accomplished writer for the satisfaction of that feather. This creative chaos may be making more than a novel. It may be creating a novelist. But my motivation is in the making.

“I am now a curious student of the struggle to create a novel. Using the emergence of new AI tools as my entry point, the ground has been remarkably fertile thus far. The beautiful chaos is coming from all directions, and I am blessed to be caught up in the mix.

“With the greatest of sincerity, I invite you to participate in this adventure. If you have knowledge or opinions relevant to the topics being discussed, please drop me an email or comment on the blog. I hope to connect with thoughtful and constructive people along this adventure, so don’t be shy! Share your wisdom. If I can be helpful to you, let me know. And help me along this journey with a critique - let me know where I may be succeeding, failing, or missing a significant opportunity to dig deeper. Our friends maintain our balance as we climb onto the shoulders of giants!”

— Bart Niedner



“Science and technology multiply around us. To an increasing extent they dictate the languages in which we speak and think. Either we use those languages, or we remain mute.”

— J. G. Ballard

AI Resources In Story Enhancement

AI-RISE (AI Resources In Story Enhancement) is a companion project to BioDigital Novels. As Bart Niedner writes and illustrates his books, he explores artificial intelligence from the context of storytelling and novel creation. The AI-RISE Blog is both the exploration of emerging AI tools and the broader discussion surrounding the use of AI in creating fictional work.

What are the relevant AI tools? Are there “best practices” when using these tools? How are these tools evolving? Should we view ChatGPT and DALL-E as refined versions of Google and Photoshop, or are AI tools a more impactful technology class? How are traditional fiction writing tools changing due to AI?

And what are the more significant questions and answers concerning these new AI tools? AI is undoubtedly a disruptor of the norm. As has been the case with every major technological leap, from the printing press to desktop publishing, AI will cause transitional pain (and sometimes existential pain) for sections of society, various professions, employment, education, communications, and more. How should we be thinking about these impacts? What should we be doing to alleviate the pain it might bring?

The AI-RISE Blog is the "heart" of the AI-RISE project. Bart welcomes you to join in this interesting conversation!

Product & Process

For most people, the creative product is where engagement ends. However, we additionally benefit by examining the creative process. Creative works are necessarily temporal; thus, a creative object may only be fully appreciated when first seen in its own time. It is by considering the contextual process of its making that a creative object’s full beauty is exposed.

As a working definition, “beauty” is that which brings pleasure to the senses or exalts the mind. We must consider an object's crafting to see a creative product’s beauty. This consideration necessarily includes the technical realities of the object’s assumed origin. Furthermore, its ability to exalt the mind is most fully experienced by evaluating how it broadens the human experience within our ever-changing social context – beginning with the work’s inception.

As an example, when an acclaimed Vermeer painting was removed from the National Gallery in London after ninety-three years because it was discovered to be a forgery, the artwork itself – the product – was no longer the same object critically. The forged work is still enjoyable in many, even new ways, but it is a different creative product because we have a new understanding of its creative process.

A Renaissance oil painter had to source azurite, madder root, and cochineal insects before crushing them into egg yolk for his paint pigments. Today Amazon will consistently deliver a tube of “Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors Venetian Red” to your doorstep within twenty-four hours for less than ten dollars. And today, it might be for her oil painting.

Creative products must be considered inclusive of their creative process. From technical achievement to social meaning, the beauty of creative objects is necessarily temporal.


Bart Niedner

An architect, programmer, artist, professor, product manager, author, and a mayor walk into a bar.

The barkeep says, “What’ll ya have, Bart?"

Bart's Bio

"Mudpuddles are for stompin' in!"

BioDigital Novels is Bart Niedner's maiden effort at creating a novel. He is excited to share much of the experience through the AI-RISE blog. Bart has a life-long interest in fantasy and science fiction genres and is particularly fond of the mechanics behind the story constructs. With the makings of a unique plot in his mind since he was a boy, creating fiction in the sci-fi genre has been on Bart’s bucket list for a very long time.

Bart grew up hunting, camping, and Jeepin’ on his family’s farms in Missouri. His love of art led him to study architectural design theory from coast to coast at Kansas State University, Radford University in Virginia, Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles, and returning to Washington University College of Architecture in Saint Louis for graduate work. Drawn to academics, Bart transitioned from his position at Wiedemier Architects into teaching positions at Ranken Technical College and then Washington University in St. Louis. A love of Missouri’s forested rolling hills compelled Bart and his wife, Michelle, to move their family of six to rural Northeast Missouri. From there, Bart operated two successful Internet companies, Resource Forge LLC and Smart Trakker LLC.

Bart values public service and has held many community leadership positions, including Rotary Club President, Chamber of Commerce President, Visitors & Convention Bureau member, Historic Preservation Commission Chairman, City Councilperson, and Mayor.

Bart’s academic interest in the creative act is focused the exploration of the mechanics behind storytelling and meaning. He illuminates critical outcomes by bridging the gap between art and technology - excelling as an artist and a craftsman. He successfully brought this intersection of art and craft to his pursuit of art, architecture, curriculum design, community leadership, and software development. Bart now merges artistic and technical skills to achieve meaningful creative results in his BioDigital Novels.



"Trying to get more learning out of the present system is like trying to get the Pony Express to compete with the telegraph by breeding faster ponies."

— Edward Fiske

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